Leonard Schlichting
DepartureSwans OfferingStormy WeatherSurfacingWatchingSleep as PassageGatheringAbandonedGraveyardIslandStar GazerRing
These photographs were initially shown singly as part of 'Embarkation' an assemblage of ten images in an exhibition of the Toronto Island Artists Collective in 1992, and later in a group show called 'Persistent Documents' that was organized by Gallery 44.

This work was prompted by a move to Ward's Island after many other moves over a short space of time with the hope of finding a place to settle.

For many people life is a never-ending quest to find a home, a community they can belong to, a place of permanence. We are like a vessel in a body of water that is always subject to the forces of nature; our direction and destiny may be altered by will or circumstances at any time.